Awad Rasras Has Years Of Experience In The Field Of Teaching

Awad Rasras is a resident of Louisville who is an experienced Associate Professor of Mathematics. He has been serving at Jefferson Community and Technical College, Louisville, KY from past 25 years. Over the years, he has attained great experience in the field of teaching. He is quite talented and has received education from several recognized universities. He studied B.S. in Mathematics from Birzeit University Palestine. In 1983, he took admission in MA in Mathematics at Texas Woman’s University. Later in 1985, he pursued MA in Education from University of Kansas.

Awad Rasras Is A Member Of Mathematical Association Of America
Awad Rasras holds the membership of Mathematical Association of America (MAA) which is a professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level. It was founded in 1915 and is headquartered in the neighborhood of Washington D.C. Numerous universities, colleges, and high school teachers; pure and applied mathematicians; graduate and undergraduate students; statisticians; computer scientists; and many others in academia, business, government, and industry are the members of this association. The MAA publishes mathematics books and journals. This association also publishes the American Mathematical Monthly which is the most widely-read mathematics journal in the world according to records on JSTOR.

Awad Rasras Is A Member Of Kentucky Association Of Two-Year Colleges
Awad Rasras is a dedicated member of Kentucky Association of Two-Year Colleges which is a statewide organization that is open to teachers of mathematics on the college level. It is also for all other persons who have keen interest in mathematics.  Kentucky Association of Two-Year Colleges is abbreviated as KYMATYC. Its main goal is to establish and maintain consistency in course content and placement. KYMATYC is active in state decisions about issues affecting the teaching and learning of mathematics at the community college level. It keeps its members informed about those issues with newsletters and this web site.  This association also looks after dialoguing about the success or failure of innovations, exchanging information about available positions, offering professional development opportunities, sharing opinions of particular library holdings and systems of grading and providing the opportunity for collegial exchange.



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