Awad Rasras Is An Active Member Of Mathematical Association Of America

A resident of Kentucky, Awad Rasras is an active member of Mathematical Association of America which is an organization for people who share an interest in the mathematical sciences. The MAA is an independent non-profit membership organization which was founded in the nineteenth century and it plays a powerful role in the twenty-first century. The MAA provides mathematicians with the best expository articles, engaging problems, and articles devoted to teaching collegiate mathematics. There are more than 20,000 members including faculty, students, practitioners, and people who simply love math. The members gather in sections at the Math Fest and at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. The members share inspiring talks related to mathematics.

Awad Rasras is a highly qualified and knowledgeable person who is an alumnus of Birzeit University Palestine from where he received his B.S. Mathematics degree. Later, he pursued MA in Mathematics from Texas Woman’s University which is commonly referred to as TWU. It is a co-educational university. It is the largest university for women in the United States which is supported by the state. The nursing doctoral program of Texas Woman’s University is also the largest in the world.  Texas Woman’s University is a public university which holds a prominent position in higher education. TWU has campuses in Dallas, Denton, and Houston. The university offers an e-learning campus which facilitates the students with innovative online degree programs in business, education and general studies. The main focus of TWU is to educate a great number of students from various communities in order to make them successful in their lives.

Awad Rasras is highly inquisitive, hard working and a dedicated person who has keen interest in mathematics. After completing his course at Texas Woman’s University, he took admission in MA in Education at University of Kansas in 1985. He is also a dedicated member of Kentucky Association of two year colleges. At present, he is working as a Mathematics Associate Professor at Jefferson community and Technical College at Louisville in KY. He joined this college in 1987 and has been working here since then. In his free time, he likes reading, running, walking, cycling and traveling.



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