Awad Rasras Is An Alumnus Of University Of Kansas

Awad Rasras is a highly educated and qualified individual who has attained education from one of the prestigious educational institutions. He obtained his B.S. in Mathematics degree from Birzeit University Palestine. This degree prepares students for careers in industry, government service, business, or graduate school in mathematics. The B.S. in Mathematics program is usually two-phased. A student can pursue a degree in Mathematics or he/she may prefer to take up a degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Applied Mathematics. Students who take up the latter course are prepared to enter in an area where mathematics or computer science is used extensively.

Awad Rasras Studied At Texas Woman’s University
In 1983, Awad Rasras enrolled at the Texas Woman’s University. He pursued his Masters degree in Mathematics. Historically, Texas Woman’s University was the College of Industrial Arts and Texas State College for Women. It is commonly known as TWU. It is the largest state-supported university for women in the United States. In addition, TWU’s nursing doctoral program is also the largest in the world. It is a co-educational university and male students are given admission in all the programs. Little Chapel-in-the-Woods, University Art Collection, Texas Women’s Hall of Fame, Texas First Ladies’ Historic Costume Collection, Women Air force Service Pilots, Golf Course are some of the major attractions of Texas Woman’s University.

Awad Rasras Tool Admission In University Of Kansas
Awad Rasras learned a lot at Texas Woman’s University which is a public university which holds a prominent position in higher education. It is regarded as the nation’s largest university primarily for women but a large number of men join it too. It has campuses in Dallas, Denton, and Houston which have been joined by an e-learning campus that provides innovative online degree programs in business, education and general studies. Texas Woman’s University’s motive is to educate a diverse community of students so that they can lead fulfilling lives both on the personal and professional fronts. Awad Rasras has always been a studious person who has keen interest in mathematics. Immediately after passing out from Texas Woman’s University, he took admission in MA in Education at University of Kansas in 1985.


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